ESCM Manufacturing | ESCM 2000 | Electronic Safety Contact Manager
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ESCM Manufacturing Inc.

Micro-Processor Based Contact Monitoring Made Smart, Safe & Reliable

ESCM Manufacturing is dedicated to the safety and reliability of elevator safety devices.

Our unique contact monitoring system is the only patented product in the elevator industry that delivers state-of-the-art fault monitoring of elevator safety devices.

ESCM Manufacturing has partnered with CE Electronics…

Delivering industry proven RS485 and RS422 serial displays. By utilizing the CE3065 driver board and micro comm output The ESCM2000 can display the address on top of the elevator and inside the machine, for real time safety contact monitoring.

Visual fault monitoring at its finest.

The ESCM2000 is a contact monitoring system that informs on the state of any safety device. “Eliminating” the need for unnecessary jumping out of safety devices and removal of devices covers for contact inspection.

ESCM2000 Monitor and Display Board. Parameter based,  programmable 00-99 RS485 output and CANBus output. 12VDC

The ESCM2000 Monitor and Display Board, gives mechanics the ability to easily program address in the field, by using our parameter based system. Our monitor and display board also talks delivering real time annunciation of each device being monitored. We have also added a RS485 output and CANBus output giving us the ability to send data to any controller manufacture in realtime

The Safe and efficient way to troubleshoot elevator devices.

A contact monitoring system that informs on the state of any safety device, eliminating the need for unnecessary jumping out and removal of deuce covers for contact inspection.