ESCM Manufacturing | About ESCM2000
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About ESCM2000

Visual fault monitoring at its finest

The ESCM2000 is a contact monitoring system that informs on the state of any safety device. “Eliminating” the need for unnecessary jumping out of safety devices and removal of devices covers for contact inspection.

Intelligent Technology

The ESCM2000 has the ability to easily identify improperly wired safety circuits, short circuits in the safety string and jump out safety devices.
As of January 1, 2020 all NYC automatic passenger and freight elevators must be able to detect jumped and faulty door circuits in order to be considered compliant.
While other elevator industry manufactures, research and develop products to conform to new code requirements.
ESCM Manufacturing has delivered unprecedented state of the art fault monitoring of elevator safety devices.

Safety First · Smart, Reliable, Intelligent.

The ESCM2000 is ahead of its time. The ESCM2000 delivers state of the art fault monitoring by transforming “ANY” safety device into an addressable device. The ESCM2000 has the ability to give two indication of a fault. (A) the ESCM2000 has two LED’s for indication of a fault. Red for an open state and green for a closed state. (B) the ESCM2000 also has the ability to turn “ANY” safety device into an addressable device from 00-99 allowing for approximately 100 addresses.
The ESCM2000 Also as the ability to send the address and location of any fault via a RS485 serial communication to the machine room and on top of the car. Easily identifying failure in the safety string.
Not only are we able to transform any safety device into an addressable device. we are also able to transform any safety device into a talking device. By utilizing the addressable component of the the ESCM2000 we are able to convert the numeric value to text and convert the text to speech giving each safety device the unique ability to talk. Delivering real time information with date and time stamp.
No longer do we need to unnecessarily jumping out safety devices, long hours troubleshooting safety devices.
The ESCM2000 is a non-proprietary product, easily installs to any control manufacture. Either 2000 code or prior. The ESCM2000 is truly a 21st century product. Delivering real time communication between safety devices and the control component.