ESCM Manufacturing | Advanced Functionality
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Advanced Functionality

Advanced functionality and programming ability

1. Two Rotary DIP switches

The ESCM2000 offers the newest technology for serial communication allowing data to be sent via RS485 or CAN bus to any desired location for viewing on LCD. Two rotary DIP switches allow for easy programming of any address from 00–99, efficiently transforming any safety device into an addressable device.

2. ATmega328p

The key component of the ESCM2000 is the on-board microprocessor, the ATmega 328p with its high performance and low power consumption. The ATmega328p allows for 32Kbytes flash memory, 1k bytes eprom, 2Kbytes RAM and two-pin serial port for communication via a serial link.

3. Dual Pole 120 VAC

The ESCM2000 employs a dual pole 120 VAC relay. The dual pole relay set in an eight-pin socket allowing easy configuration to different voltages as per manufacturers.

4. 800mA Fuse

The ESCM2000 is fused at 800mA to allow protection for the device being monitored in the event of component failure, or short circuit.

The ESCM2000 is designed to be independent of any device, allowing for remote monitoring. This is the device the elevator industry has long waited for…

The ESCM2000 offers two LEDs for visual indication, red for an open state and green for a closed state.

ESCM Manufacturing has partnered with CE Electronics,

delivering industry proven RS485 and RS422 serial displays. By utilizing the CE3065 driver board and micro comm output, the ESCM2000 can display the address of any safety device and location of a fault at the control board, or on the car top for for real time safety contact monitoring. The three-wire MicroComm output displays the address of any safety device on the car top. The MicroComm output makes troubleshooting safety devices from the car top safe and efficient.

The ATmega328p

allows for programming of the on-board 5mm LEDs –red and green– which serve as status lights. Red blinking LED represents an open contact and the green LED represents a closed contact. By using the ATmega328p we have increased functionality and programming ability of the ESCM2000.