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What It Does

ESCM Manufacturing is dedicated to the safety and reliability of elevator safety devices. That’s why we invented the ESCM2000 (electric safety contact monitor). The ESCM2000 is the only patented product in the elevator industry that delivers state of the art fault monitoring of elevator safety devices.

Contact Monitor

Micro Comm. Display


Display Board & Annunciator

LCD Screen


Power Supply (MDR-10-12)

Visual fault monitoring at its finest.

Electric Safety Contact Monitor

The ESCM2000 is a contact monitoring system that informs on the state of any safety device. “Eliminating” the need for unnecessary jumping out of safety devices and removal of devices covers for contact inspection.

Intelligent Technology

Smart, Safe & Reliable
The ESCM2000 has the ability to easily identify improperly wired safety circuits, short circuits in the safety string and jump out safety devices.
As of January 1, 2020 all NYC automatic passenger and freight elevators must be able to detect jumped and faulty door circuits in order to be considered compliant.
While other elevator industry manufactures, research and develop products to conform to new code requirements.

ESCM Manufacturing has delivered unprecedented state of the art fault monitoring of elevator safety devices.

Eliminate Unnecessary Jumping out of Safety Circuits

The ESCM2000 contact monitoring at its finest is truly designed to eliminate unnecessary jumping out of safety circuits, long hours troubleshooting door locks and safety devices.

Latest Technology for Serial Comm.

The ESCM2000 offers the newest technology for serial communication allowing data to be sent via RS485 or CAN bus to any desired location for viewing on LCD. Two rotary DIP switches allows for easy programming of any address from 0-99 efficiently transforming any safety device into an addressable device.

Technical Specifications

120 VAC
4mA 50/60Hz Single Phase
CSA B44.1
ASME A17.5
Input 12 V DC · 30mA
Microprocessor: Atmega328p 32K
Communication: 485 or CAN bus
Fuse: 800mA

Monitor Electrical Safety Circuit

The ESCM2000 was invented to monitor electrical safety circuit in the elevator hoistway and machine room. The purpose of the ESCM2000 is to assist elevator mechanics during the troubleshooting procedure of elevator safety devices by giving an observable indication of the status of the device being monitored. Therefore eliminating the need for unnecessary jumping out of safety circuits, allowing for pin point accuracy and quick repairs.